New In Town? Maybe just new to Weightless? Get the 411 on the 5-0-Lou.


Obviously when you visit Louisville you can go to Churchill Downs, tour the Slugger Museum, tour the Distilleries and sip Bourbon to your hearts content while picking a banjo down Fourth Street Live! but this is a short list of some of the places the people of Weightless patron.  We wouldn't steer you in the wrong direction! 

Louisville's food scene is off the charts! Being nestled in the Ohio River Valley gives this region the prime conditions for growing a wide variety of vegetables and fruit.  So if you're looking for BBQ, tacos, pho, or a vegan menu that spans the globe you are in luck!  These are just a few of our favorite places.  If you enjoy your experience at any of our recommendations please leave them a review! They'll appreciate it!

***if you're looking for Vegan or Vegetarian food YOU ARE IN LUCK! Many of the options below are Vegan and Vegetarian friendly, as well as Gluten Free and LOCAL.  Follow your belly on this one, friends.***


Casual, Nice and Delicious (this DOES NOT include BREWERIES!)


Lydia House - You've never had Ramen noodle soup until you've eaten Lydia House.  This is not a joke you have no idea what you're missing.  They also have kombucha on tap and a mini golf course in the backyard. (Veg), (V), (GF), (L), (<3)

Morels Cafe - Louisville's first destination for vegan food that doesn't involve eggplant and tofu.  They like to indulge in the finer foods, like Philly Cheesesteak Fries and of course, Farbys.  They also offer amazing foods to be taken home in the deli, as well as a full line of Kentucky Kombucha on tap.  (V), (L), (<3)

Migo - In addition to a menu that pays homage to traditional latin cuisine, Migo offers several house made creations and cocktails that give every guest an opportunity to make each experience unique to their own personal taste. (Veg), (V), (GF), (L), (<3)

Another Place Sandwich Shop - Located at 119 South 7th Street between Main and Market in beautiful downtown Louisville.(Veg), (V), (GF), (L), (<3)

Ramsis Cafe on the World - Ramsis' menu is absurd.  It's so big, so accommodating and has food from every continent ten times over! (exaggerated).  They also serve dinner until 1am and do $10 bottles of wine after 10pm... (Veg), (V), (GF), (L), (<3)

Crescent Hill Craft House - a new craft house and brewery in the Crescent Hill area of town with a GREAT food menu for both lunch, brunch and dinner.  (Veg), (V), (GF), (L), (<3)

Dragon Kings Daughter - If we are going to get sushi its at DKD on Bardstown Rd.  They also have a whole latin american food fusion thing going on there which sounds weird but its not and you shouldn't be scared.  (Veg), (V), (GF), (L), (<3)

Queen of Sheba - Ethiopian food.  It's so good.  We dream of Sheba in our sleep.  The lentils, the veggies, the bread... it's incredible.  (Veg), (V), (GF), (L), (<3)

Falafel House - The only place to order a falafel in the city.  (Veg),  (<3)

Taco Luchador - Short order tacos and other Mexican quick dishes.   (Veg), (V), (GF), (L), (<3)

Nam Nam - Don't be fooled by other Vietnamese restaurants selling Pho.  Nam Nam is the best.  They also use local ingredients and no MSG!  (Veg), (V), (GF), (L), (<3)

Royals Hot Chicken - They have spicy fried chicken and champagne BUT they also have the dankest fried tofu sandwich in the world! It's like the vegan's McDonalds.  (Veg), (V), (GF), (L), (<3)

The Post - Pizza and Beer! Delicious NY style pizza, lots of beers on tap and a badass staff that you just want to give all your tips to! (Veg), (V), (GF), (L), (<3)



swank, but not too too bad on the bank.

Mayan Cafe - The best food in the city. Top 100 in the country.  It'll knock the socks off your date and not the cash from your bank!

Rye - A classy joint with a warm and welcoming bar, enormous spirit collection, and a local food menu that will surely impress a friend, family member or loved one.

Decca - Swank and delicious.  Wine selection is out of control.  Beautiful patio seating and a jazz club in the basement!

Ward 426 - Chef Ward is a magician.  His food is beyond belief and the environment matches when you go out to a nice dinner on vacation.


Breakfast or Brunch

Some are breakfast, some are brunch, some are both.  Don't blame us if you mess this up!!

Con Huevos - Ok this place only has 6 tables (we're NOT KIDDING!!) but if you can get a seat it is the most delicious Mexican breakfast and lunch you've ever experienced.  

The Weekly Juicery - If you like to live on fresh squeezed juices, smoothies, and fruit bowls this is your jam!! The Weekly Juicery is so flipping good and good for you.

Lydia House - Again, their Ramen is to die for, but their brunch is solid and sippin a kombucha cocktail on the back patio playing put-put in the sun on a summer day is pretty boss.

The Silver Dollar - A whiskey Bar with a honky tonk brunch that'll put you in a southern comfort food coma.



If Starbucks is your thing, that's cool, but while you're trying out all sorts of new things in a different city give these coffee/tea shops a try while you're at it!

Safai  - where we buy our bulk coffee as well as our cups on-the-go.  They have a great ambiance for working as well as sitting talking with a friend, and there plant game is on point!

Wild Dog Rose - A super rad tea boutique on Bardstown Road that is a must-experience for any tea lover or aficionado.

Quills - Right up the street from Weightless and the establishment responsible for feeding Chelsea's almond laté addiction.

Please and Thank You - Great coffee, cold brew bottles to-go that are like rocket fuel, and they have THE BEST CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES ON EARTH!!



Sometimes you're not hungry enough for a full lunch or dinner but you could definitely snack on a lil sum'sum'.

Hi-5 Doughnuts - Donuts! The Ladies of the Morning...dem ladies' dough!

Please and Thank You Cookies (at Please and Thank You coffee Shop)

Steel City Pops - You didn't know such gourmet popsicles could ever exist!

Louisville Cream - The flavor profiles of these ice creams are pure insanity! Best ice cream in Louisville-- hands down.


Food Trucks 

need we say more? no but we will anyways.  You can find these rolling culinary delights at farmers markets, 

V Grits - Vegan Girl Raised In the South.  V.G.R.I.T.S.  This food truck is sooo dank.  You have no idea its vegan food, and neither did the judges of Cut Throat Kitchen when she won!

Red Top Hotdogs

Louisville Cream



Lots of Bourbon to be imbibed in this town.  You can find it on Fourth Street Live or you could find it somewhere else!  We have a wide array of bourbon bars, cocktail lounges, breweries, and dives.  Pick your poison.

The Butchertown Social- A bar, eatery, small venue art gallery with one of the best vibes in town.  'The Ton' is our spot!

Galaxie - Late afternoon margarita or late night dancing in Galaxie's 'Outer Space' back space.

Rye - A classy joint with a warm and welcoming bar, enormous spirit collection, and a local food menu that will surely impress a friend, family member or loved one.

Holy Grale - A beer haus in an old church! There rotating tap selections spans the globe.

Proof - A classy bar where you can get a drink and tour the 21C Art Gallery and Hotel.  If you don't know what 21C is then you should Google that like, now.

The Post - Pizza n Beern Sports (if you want)! The BEST pizza in the city.  NY style, and there pizza menu is as creative as it is gigantic!  Get yourself some!

Against The Grain - a badass brewery and restaurant attached to Louisville's own Slugger Stadium and the home of The Bats.



If you're trying to catch a big name act or a local rising celebrity at a hole-in-the-wall club or...

The Butchertown Social - A bar, eatery, small venue art gallery with one of the best vibes in town.  It's our spot!

Revelry Boutique Gallery - 'Rev' as it's affectionately called in the colloquial circles of social life-- this art gallery will BLOW YOUR MIND.  It's not a stuffy, 'stay-behind-the-tape-line-on-the-floor' kind of place, but invites you to interact with the art, and get a sense of the local art scene in Louisville.

Headliners - Right BEHIND weightless! Awesome shows, big and small, local and nat./internat.  You'll find artists playing headliners floating at Weightless before their shows or after, latenight!

Mercury - A LIVENATION venue.  They bring in some big acts. Downtown location.

The Palace - A LIVENATION venue.The biggest and most beautifulest venue in this city.  It's where the legends play. And its right next to the Mercury

The Flea off Market - always live music, dance, drum circles and more at the Flea Off!



Don't let the nightlife swallow you like one too many Old Fashions! And if it does, at least get outside the next day and nurse your hangover in the sweet embrace of a beautiful Kentucky day.  We have parks, rivers, bike paths, bridges, caves, and outdoor markets!

The Big 4: Walking Bridge - a beautiful pedestrian bridge that stretches from Kentucky to Indiana over the Ohio River, and on both sides are waterfront parks with bikes to rent, food to eat, and music to see.

Cave Hill - a gigantic and historic cemetery housing the likes of Colonel Sanders, the woman who wrote the lyrics to the Happy Birthday song and Muhammad Ali.  You could spend days in Cave Hill. 

Cherokee Park/Loop - one of the many parks designed by Frederick Law Olmsted (Central Park, NYC).  Cherokee park is a large land reserve of rolling hills with a pedestrian and driving loop as well as biking and hiking trails, creeks, and sports fields.  We always take our dog Ganado to the Dog Hill dog park there.

St. James Court - a dazzling neighborhood of victorian houses and mansions that offer tours as well as house some of Louisville's local college kids.

The Flea off Market - the best flea market in Louisville! It happens month down on the East side of Market Street in the Fresh Start Growers Supply parking lot.  There's vendors, food trucks, drinks, music, and more!


Farmers Markets

there are quite a few fantastic farmers markets in this city but these are a few of our favorites.

Bardstown Road Farmers Market (Saturday 8am-12pm)

Douglas Loop Farmers Market (Saturday 10am-2pm)

St. Matthews Farmers Market (8am-12pm)

Schnitzelburg Farmers Market - 

The Flea off Market - the best flea market in Louisville! It happens month down on the East side of Market Street in the Fresh Start Growers Supply parking lot.  There's vendors, food trucks, drinks, music, and more!