Firefighters Use Infrared Sauna at Weightless for Cancer Prevention

Firefighters Use Infrared Sauna at Weightless for Cancer Prevention

In the late winter of last year we noticed an uptick in what appeared to be firefighters coming in to use the infrared sauna. No, they were not coming in dressed in full firefighter gear, but rather many a blue or gray shirt with the St. Florian ‘fire fighters emblem’ on their breast.


Luckily we inquired as to why and we were given a fantastic response by a fireman:

“The fire departments in Louisville and Indianapolis are encouraging us firefighters to sit in infrared sauna after we go into burning buildings. It’s because a lot of us get cancer, and this stuff (the sauna) is supposed to be good at detoxing”.

When told this my jaw nearly hit the floor! I was so happy to know that firefighters were seeking this amazing, low impact, form of therapy to prolong their life. And it makes me seem waayyy less crazy when talking about why IR Sauna is so good for “detoxing”. Here is some data compiled by the Natl. Inst. for Occupational Safety, and the Natl. Cancer Institute:

“A study by researchers from (NIOSH), the NCI, and the UC Davis Department of Public Health Sciences, completed a five-year study in 2015 of nearly 30,000 firefighters from Chicago, Philadelphia and San Francisco and concluded that firefighters in the study had a greater number of cancer diagnoses and cancer-related deaths.

The firefighters studied had at least one day of active duty between 1950 and 2009 and found that when compared to the number of cancer cases in the general U.S. population, the firefighters had an increase of 9 percent in diagnoses and a 14 percent increase in death.

The International Association of Fire Fighters says that 60 percent of career firefighters die from cancer.

Those statistics are pretty eye opening, but why infrared sauna? (We have a lot of info on sauna under our ‘sauna page’ on our website, so feel free to check that out.).

Here’s a brief explanation:

Infrared Sauna uses a low-frequency light (invisible to the human eye) that is able to penetrate into the body’s muscle tissue up to 1.5” deep. The penetrating infrared light heats your body by stimulating blood flow to deep tissue and agitating water molecules in the body, creating a better, more effective, ‘deep’ sweat. The sweat from an IR sauna has shown to be more concentrated with heavy metals, chemicals, and toxins.

The sauna’s heat maxes out at 140º, which is significantly cooler a temperature than a normal ‘dry heat sauna’ or ‘steam sauna’, but since the infrared light is able to penetrate your body more effectively your body heats up quicker and with less discomfort both during and after the sauna.

During a regular Infrared Sauna session at Weightless Float Center it is not uncommon for users to burn 500+ calories in 40min. of just sitting there…if you do some isolated flexing or stretches you’re guaranteed to burn a lot more, plus, the 20-30min of cool-down after your session will likely burn another 200+ calories. Thats almost 1,000 calories in an hour of just SITTING. If you were going to run that on a treadmill you’d be running for 5hrs!

Check out this screenshot from a guest at Weightless who wore their heart rate monitor while in the sauna:

Weightless KY Infrared Sauna
Weightless KY Infrared Sauna

Besides for detoxing, cancer prevention, and burning calories there are LOTS of other benefits to using infrared sauna including, but not limited to:

  1. inflammation

  2. chronic fatigue

  3. increased brain function

  4. fighting infection and boosting immunity

  5. chronic pain

  6. better skin health

  7. reducing stress or anxiety

  8. increased overall life longevity

Check out all the benefits of using IR Sauna at Weightless KY’s website

As the cooler temperatures descend upon us in Kentucky I look forward to the chilly days, knowing that Louisville has access to infrared sauna that will keep our cores warm in the coldest of months while at the same time providing incredible health benefits for both body and mind.

We look forward to seeing you at Weightless Float Center (@Weightlessky) for a float, massage, or infrared sauna.

Peace, Love, and Salt,

Greg Ellis


Welcome Weightless Float Center's new neighbors: The Inner Warrior

Welcome Weightless Float Center's new neighbors: The Inner Warrior

It’s been a few months now since The Inner Warrior completed their demolition and reconstruction of Suite 250 (directly above WeightlessKY) at Distillery Commons and we are more thrilled than ever to have this amazing group of people sharing space with us.

The Inner Warrior is a yoga studio and boutique featuring eco-friendly and sustainably sourced yoga & active lifestyle apparel and books, and boasts an impressive list of yoga and meditation classes (between 2-5 classes per day) that are ALL DONATION BASED!!

The dynamic mother-daughter duo consists of Sabine (mother) and Gabriella (daughter) Gaona, two Louisville locals who have made a strong impact on the yoga community of Kentuckiana when they opened their first, modest store-front on Frankfort Ave. (across from the Silver Dollar) in 2014 where they sold clothes, books, and local artists’ works as well as held 2 weekly yoga classes followed by meditation.

Besides their physical location, now at Distillery Commons, the Inner Warrior also holds a bi-annual yoga festival at Terrapin Hill Farm called M.Y.P.A.T.H. (Mindful Yoga Practice At Terrapin Hill). The Kentucky yoga festival is strongly attended and continues to create a reputation that precedes the festival for its commitment to core yogic principles and values, while at the same time creating a fun, loving, and strong community of people who are keen on camping, dancing, eating tasty and healthy foods, and getting to know both themselves and their community better. The next MYPATH festival is THIS COMING WEEKEND— are you able to make it?!

No worries if this MYPATH doesn’t fit your schedule— there’s always the spring!

So please welcome the Inner Warrior into your awareness and into your hearts. If you have been thinking about starting yoga then this is your best opportunity. Their classes range from Beginner to Intermediate to Advanced, and include yoga classes for hatha, vinyasa, kundalini, yoga nidra, kaleidoscope yoga, hula hoop yoga, and meditation. If you have been thinking about deepening your practice, finding a new studio/teachers or branching out, or been wanting for a deeper connection to the people practicing in your community then THIS IS YOUR PLACE!

Stop in to their store/studio before or after a float, sauna, or massage at Weightless and tell them you’re coming from downstairs to check out what’s UP!

It feels like home.

Peace, Love, and Salt.


Greg Ellis

Yurtle the Turtle Unveil$ Bill In Favor of Legalization (for hemp)

There's a big buzz about Industrial Hemp in KY, and there has been for years, in fact, it's part of our State's hertitage-- we were, at one time, the largest producers of hemp in the country (and we will be back with the same superlative soon enough!).

Secular Talks' Kyle Kalinksi gives a quick little breakdown of things with his normal dry humor.  

You may find some other interesting topics amidst his videos on his YouTube page.

I still do not support Mitch McConnell's views on the majority of issues, and even in this Hemp SB I believe that this is because we, as a State, are beyond broke, and have been funneling money away from public programs and and poor people for YEARS.  Lets hope this does some good for the most of our state and not the small handful of rich people who have opposed and enforced these draconian laws around an incredibly beneficial plant for decades.

Is Santa a Shaman

Is Santa a Shaman

Why do many people recall their families having mushroom santa ornaments hanging on the Christmas tree?


As many have noted, December 21st, was the Winter Solstice.  Its the shortest day (or the longest night) where, in some northerly places, the sun isn’t seen again for THREE DAYS before beginning its ascent, back into the sky in time for the Spring Equinox.  

If the story of the sun, divided into 12 chapters of the Zodiac, falling at the end of the year and being born again sounds oddly similar to the story of Jesus, Horace, Krishna, or Buddha then you are not alone in that observance…but we’re not talking about THAT in particular.

In the far north, near the Arctic circle in places like Canada, Alaska, Siberia and Northern Europe the sun really does disappear for three days below the horizon. Interestingly enough, many of our Norse traditions, especially Christmas traditions, originate in such places.  So lets dive a bit deeper into the finer points of these Christmas traditions.


Santa, on his sleigh pulled by reindeer, with his big bag comes down the chimney to place gifts beneath the colorfully adorned Christmas tree and in the stockings hung by the fire with care, right?

Lets start with the reindeer.  In the north country people didn’t ride on horse-drawn carriages because there are no horses and there is too much snow, so people rode sleds pulled by caribou and reindeer, which are the animals indigenous to those regions of the world. The reindeer exist during the winter months on brush, grass, trees, and mushrooms that grow in the light snow cover beneath the conifer trees.


Christmas trees.  A evergreen, conifer, tree that grow in the north country.  During the fall and early winter, and again in the spring, brightly colored red and white mushrooms (amanita muscaria) grow beneath these pine trees.  


The Amanita Muscaria have been used for thousands of years as a medicine and as part of ceremony and ritual, particularly in the northern latitudes of the world.  It is reported to have a mild psychoactive effect, similar to that of the famed “magic mushrooms”.


So in the upper latitudes of the world, where nightfall stretches its' shadows longest and the sun drops below the horizon for 3 days there are people who consume red and white psychoactive mushrooms that grow beneath pine trees.  These mushrooms are consumed by people and animals alike.  

Often associated with religious ceremony and sacred plants is the Shaman.  In the North the shaman would collect the sacred mushrooms that grow beneath the pine trees and, so as not to carry them all at once, would hang them from the pine trees, like brightly colored ornaments.  After picking many many of these red and white mushrooms the shaman’s bag would grow quite large, almost to the size of say, Santa’s sack of goodies…? When this large bag of goodies got full the Shaman would hop onto his reindeer-drawn sled and make his rounds to the local people’s houses of the community.  In the north, where it snows quite a bit and quite often people would live in large teepees or yurts where they would burn fires inside their houses to stay warm.  In these large teepee-like yurts the fires would burn as the snow fell higher and higher, leaving only the top of the yurt, where the smoke escapes, available for entry.  


The shaman would enter the yurts via the opening in the roof to deliver, from his satchel, the amanita mascaria.  Mushrooms, and in this case the Amanita, must go through a process called decarboxylation, where the active compounds are made available by drying them out.  Oftentimes people would fill their stockings with the amanita muscaria and hang them over the fireplaces in order to decarb the mushrooms.  The mushrooms, once decarboxylated, could and would be consumed by the native people, together, in ceremony, as a community, to celebrate the rising of their Light Giver, the Sun, back into the sky, and to strengthen the ties of family, and prepare for the winter ahead.

santa shroom 3.jpg

So why does Santa dress in all red with little white spots and come down the chimney to leave gifts before gliding away on a sled by flying reindeer? I don’t know either, but it’s a good question with some colorful answers!

Put a Bindi On It

Put a Bindi On It


up level your fridge with the most woke- AF magnet game EVER!

**WARNING! This post contains sarcasm thicker than the coldest sorghum you ever done chugged, so take it with a grain of salt, mmmmk?****


They're IN! They're IN! We're pretty hyped to have Visionary Magnets in the reception area + lounge for all our guests to activate the heady mystic flower energy portals that are yearning to spiral into control like a good habit! 

This set of 444 Magnetized Words is absolutely dripping with the ooey gooey diarrhea of new age bull shit and we can't help but shovel it all over the thin skinned steel exoskeleton of our refrigerators like Rhoto into the 3rd Eye of a the most angst-er indigo children.

Want to bring a set of Visionary Magnets home with you? You're in LUCK! or Blessed! Or the Karmic light has shown down upon your radiant crown chakra...however you want to skin the cat... YOU CAN BUY THEM HERE AT WEIGHTLESS!  

Heady-ify your own kitchen appliances and show us what you got.

#getshwifty, y'all.



What Is Floating?


What Is Floating?

Sitting at the helm of this cloud ship with my salty crew of rubber duckies you can imagine we get asked a wide variety of questions about the float experience-- from the fundamentals to the far-off and infrequent-- we talk about R.E.S.T. rather restlessly. There are a few things you should know, though, so i'll explain below.

R.E.S.T. | Flotation Therapy

R.E.S.T. : Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy or Floating or Sensory Deprivation is amazing.  It's profoundly relaxing.  It's water therapy. 

Just imagine a huge bathtub! 10 feet long and 4 feet wide, with 200 gallons of water in it.  Sounds like a lot of water, right? It is...but it's only 8 inches DEEP! So this 8" of water has nearly 1,000lbs of Epsom salt dissolved into it, which causes you to FLOAT like a cork on the surface of the water. It's more buoyant than the Dead Sea!! The water is the same temperature as your body so you don't feel the water AND you don't feel gravity, and if you choose to (BUT YOU DON'T HAVE TO!) you can close the door and turn off the light which makes the room dark and quiet.  The combined effects sets your mind in the most relaxed state of NOTHINGNESS it's ever experienced.  

So as you float you're receiving all the benefits of 900lbs of Epsom salt in the water which is reducing inflammation, soreness, chronic pain, stress, PLUS you're floating effortlessly with NO GRAVITY on your body-- and for the first time ever your mind-- you brain-- isn't being bombarded by this constant barrage of external stimuli that is our fast paced world. When your mind finds itself in this uniquely relaxed and calm environment it takes FULL ADVANTAGE of the situation.  What happens next is a big part of the takeaway.  

Through fMRI and EEG mapping we observe the brain in the float tank transition into a different state, where it begins to produce Theta Waves, a type of brainwave found in R.E.M. sleep or deep meditation, so that 1 hour in the float tank (we offer 90min sessions, however) can equal 4hrs of rest for the mind. This environment of "controlled nothingness" lets the brain exist in that state of relaxation while at the same time receiving all the benefits of the Epsom salt PLUS no weight on your body which allows your spine to realign, and activates the parasympathetic nervous system (think 'Rest and Digest').  The combined effects creates one of the most profoundly relaxing experiences possible.

Epsom Salt

Epsom salt is the bee's knees (whatever that means) and a household panacea from an older time.  For some reason the young whipper snappers don't know a lick about the stuff!  It's uses range from stress reduction to sore muscles, skin exfoliants to soil prepping-- so it's almost as good as snake oil. 

Epsom salt is also called Magnesium Sulfate.  Magnesium is SUPER IMPORTANT for our bodies, specifically our nervous system, and is known to regulate over 300 functions.  Magnesium also regulates cortisol (stress hormone) levels in our bodies so it literally chills us out! And this isn't just a couple cups of Epsom salt in a bathtub, remember, its 900lbs of SALT! 

Professional athletes, yogis, meditation practitioners, insomniacs, those suffering from chronic pain, stress, hypertension, anxiety, PTSD, eating disorders, and others ALL FIND RELIEF through the use of the float tank.  It's beautiful.


Lets recap, shall we?

  1. So no gravity on your body.  (that is neat, and feels so damn good)
  2. Epsom salt reducing pain, inflammation, swelling, stiffness, and stress levels.
  3. Your brain is in meditation R.E.M. beta wave heaven.  
  4. Your body and mind are crying tears of happiness for how flipping good they feel!!!


Now, we can talk all day and all night and all day and all...ok, you get the idea that we can talk ad nauseam about floating, but those right there are the breaks.

Stay salty and afloat my friends.  See you soon.




Floating into Fall

Floating into Fall

"Allow myself to reintroduce...myself."

Weightless float center, Louisville ky

#floatlouisville #weightlessky

@weightlessky on instagram

I can't tell you how it happens but it happens; time may or may not be speeding up but for me the gavel has fallen and the jury's out.  I am hurtling towards the edge of singularity as we chase the big bang's tail back to the snake skin it crawled out of.  What I'm saying is, "it's been a long time since I last wrote something on here and I had to rub my eyes to make sure that I was seeing the date correctly.".  As we all mutter when getting back to something we've willfully neglected, "i'm gonna try to stay on top of it this time."  If you're expecting me to be perfect and mindful and not mind-full because I co-own a wellness center then think again, friend.  :-)

As Austin Power's so eloquently said, "allow myself to reintroduce...myself."  How hi are ya? I'm Greg! A way-too-jazzed-up-all-the-time, hyper kinetic, sci-fi reading politic following, environment concerned, amateur poet, Louisvillian and Co-owner at Weightless Float Center, and I am pleased that your eyes are tumbling over the jungle gym of words like a pun you thought about asking to go on a play date. Aaaand one of the reasons I float is to relax.  I need it.  In this world, I think we all do.

Follow along with me as we take some deep dives in the shallow, salty waters of the places my mind may roam while in the tank.  In this world of information overload I find the float tank to be a perfect environment to think, or not think, about everything.  The tank provides me with the comfort and ability to connect the dots across a wide range of topics that crop up in my daily readings; other times it's the dissolving of the lines, a dissolving of the dots, that is what helps refigure a situation or thought.  Either way, you're in for a swirling milieu of fractal proportions, and for that, I commend you.

Follow us on instagram @weightlessky

And come hang out at Weightless.  We love you.

Peace y'all.



The Jump Off

The Jump Off

My First Float in a Sensory Deprivation Tank

Weightless Float Center, Louisville KY

Well it's been two weeks at the helm of Weightless Float Center in Louisville, Kentucky and we salty as can the best way possible!

Floating, for Louisville, has been incredibly well received thus far, and more and more people are coming out of the woodwork--- keen on floating for one reason or another, people's interests span the board from general curiosity to PTSD, improved mental awareness, peak athletic performance, and a want to get submerged in the slippery salts of weightlessness.

Each time someone comes in I can't help but ask how they heard about floating, how they heard about Weightless Float Center and if they've done it before.  My favorite answer to any of those questions is that they've never floated before.  It gives me great joy to know we're sending these vessels across the calm waters of tranquility, but there's no telling what they'll see on their trip down the river.  I remember my first float very well...

I was healing from a broken bone that compromised the structural integrity of my entire body; the scaffolding of my framework had been kinked like a battered set of armour and I was almost certain I would never feel 'OK' again.  I slung my sling off (gingerly), and frustratingly tried to run my good arm through my long hair as I stood in the shower, wincing at every minute movement...needless to say I was in a bit of pain.

When I stepped into the tank and slowly lowered myself into the water I was startled at how buoyant I was in the saturated Epsom salt solution.  It took me aback as I shifted my weight and effortlessly popped up off the bottom of the shallow pool.  "OK", i thought, "I'm into this.".  

After a few moments of getting situated to my surroundings I eased my head back into the water and felt the last pangs of pain dissolve like a salt crystal in a warm bath.  I was floating. And it felt so damn good.

It had been months in a sling.  Months of holding my arm close to my body.  Visibly uncomfortable in the most hospitable positions; again, i was certain I would not feel 'OK' for the rest of my life.  Compound fractures are no joke, especially a spiraled clavicle fracture and a cracked skull from a late '80s blue Mercedes Benz at 6:30am on a busy street...but in there, in the tank, I was weightless.  

I laughed.  And it hurt to laugh, but I laughed harder, and it hurt more and I laughed harder still!  Eventually I cooled my jets, realized how important the stillness of my body was to keeping the water placid and my brain from realizing what was up/down/all around, and let myself drift...

I was about 10minutes in, although it could have been 2min or 45min (time is a different beast in the tank), when I got a muscle twitch.  It happens to me a lot, especially before bed, and it shook me from my stillness.  I opened my eyes and realized I was still in pitch blackness, realized where I was and what had happened, and set my head back and began to again stare at that special place between your eyes, just above the bridge of your nose where your "3rd eye" is...I was gone.

After my 2hrs was over the owner of the float spa not only knocked on the door, he banged on the door, then sent my girlfriend in after me to see if i was alive.  I was alive alright. It was the first time in months and months and months that I could lie down and be comfortable.  So comfortable, in fact, that I fell into such a deep sleep that when someone is banging on the door of a room that has no ambient noise AT ALL it's still not possible to wake was the most beautiful quiet, calm, serene sleep I think I've ever had.

Float life is the where it's at.

Blessed to be have the opportunity to be able to float and to provide the community with a place to do the same.


Greg (Ellis) Ellis