Pregnancy & Floating

What are the benefits specific to a pregnant woman?


Important Note: Any woman who is going to float while pregnant should get the approval of their midwife, OB or other provider beforehand. There may be special considerations that your provider is aware of that we or you might never consider. So whenever someone asks if floating while pregnant is okay, please always let them know they should talk to their doctor first.

Floating Pregnant?

Floating is fantastic for pregnant women! Pregnancy can be an intense experience for the body. Just lying on a bed can be extremely uncomfortable for a woman in the later stages of pregnancy due to the massive gravitational strain placed on the body. The float tank is a wonderful luxury for pregnant women. We do, however, recommend that pregnant women avoid floating during the first trimester. If you have any concerns about the effects of floating on your pregnancy, we ask you to consult and get permission from your physician before you float.

Pregnancy is an emotionally intense time, and frequently a spiritual one. Floating can provide the ideal environment for processing and exploring the experience and the connection with your baby.


One of the number one concerns pregnant women have before a float is whether or not they can lay on their back or stomach. You can do both! Because of the weightlessness in the float tank, there isn’t direct pressure on the back that would normally cut of fluids. In the float tank you can finally lay on your stomach again!

Many women do like to try floating on their side or even their stomach. For that reason we always add extra float pillows into the room. By putting an extra pillow by their feet, stomach or head, a person can get comfortable in the fetal position on their side or for a time completely face down, but with their head out of the water.

Womb Within Womb Experience

The number one thing we hear from pregnant floater is that they experienced a ‘womb within womb’ feeling while in the tank. There is often comment about the 'mirror effect' of the baby floating in the womb of the mother, and the mother floating in the womb of the tank and the spiritual/communal pleasure for the mother in this regard, deepening her connection with her baby. 

There are many stories about increased baby activity while floating. Whether its doing loops in their newly spacious home or simply having a zen moment with mom, it can all happen in the tank. Can you imagine how much stimulus is coming in to a baby all the time? To switch off all that sensory input isn’t just for you, little baby is also having a very unique experience as well!

There have also been comments about the relaxation felt by the mother transferring to the baby and both mom and baby get a quiet relaxed experience. Everyone’s float can be different! 

What are the benefits of floating for new mothers?

Floating can help alleviate symptoms of post natal anxiety and depression. An hour of sleep in the tank is equal to four hours of sleep in a bed, so new mother's can use the tanks to bridge the gaps in their sleep schedule.