Above all floating is profoundly relaxing.  There are so many benefits to floating, especially on a regular basis; when you make floating a practice it will truly change the way you think, feel, and live.  

Please feel free to explore the BENEFITS to floating, WHAT floating is, floating while PREGNANT, the HISTORY of floating, and our F.A.Q. about floating.  Who floats? Check out our MEDIA section where you can see testimonies from professional athletes, human optimizers, entrepreneurs, neuroscientists, psychonauts and more. BOOK your float with us.

The Flow

  1. Arrive and check-in. 

  2. We’ll go over the basics and answer any remaining questions.

  3. Shower, put in ear plugs, then step into the tank and lie down.

  4. Close the door and turn off the light if you would like.

  5. FLOAT. relax. breathe. nothing.

  6. When your session is over, Turn on the light and step out of the tank.

  7. Shower off, Basic toiletries will be provided. 

  8. get dressed and smile  :-)

  9. enjoy our yoga studio or lounge space after you float.  we have organic teas, cucumber water, an amazing guest book to sign/write/color in, as well as coffee table books to look at and coloring books to splash your style in.  after you float you just have to chill. no rush.

Pre-Float Recommendations


Avoid shaving before you float— Epsom salt stings! If you do have any small cuts we’ll provide you with Vaseline to apply beforehand.

Swimsuit or None? 

We suggest dressing to your own comfort level. you are in the tank alone so birthday suits are welcome. 


Avoid eating large meals before your float. It will be easier for your body to fully relax when it’s not digesting food. If possible, eat a light, clean meal 1.5-2 hours before your float. If you plan on eating a large meal, leave yourself 3-4 hours before your float.


In order for your body to fully relax and heal, its important to stay hydrated – this is just as true for everyday life as when you’re floating.


Be sure to use the restroom before you float — an easy distraction to avoid!


Avoid caffeine and other stimulants before floating. The float tank is trying to reduce stimulation and elicit the ‘relaxation response’; stimulants like caffeine and nicotine will have the opposite effect.


Getting active before your float is a great idea. Yoga, running, and resistance training are all activities that pair well with floating. Exercise gets you loosened up and your blood flowing; your body will naturally ease into a deeper state of relaxation and meditation.


Frequently asked questions