Floating has all but hit the main stream as professional athletes, doctors, scientists, and wellness practitioners realize the the effectiveness for everything from peak mental and physical performance and creativity to PTSD, addiction, and chronic pain.

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Floating Websites

The following websites are created by devoted floaters to expand the online presence of floatation tanks. We definitely recommend browsing these other sites to get an idea for the information and support offered by floatation enthusiasts looking to support their community.

  • Float Tank Association (FTA) –  The official website of the Float Tank Association, dedicated to furthering floatation therapy research and practice.

  • Float Tank Solutions – A resource for those interested in joining the float tank industry. A wealth of information for those wanting to know more about opening a float center, purchasing a float tank, as well as tank maintenance and business advice.

  • Floatation Locations – The most robust and up to date database of float centers in the world. Floatation Locations will help you find the nearest float center, wherever you live or are traveling .

  • WeFloat – A great community and forum for floatation enthusiasts. A great resource for those interested in learning more about floating and its’ supporters around the world.

  • Float Journal – This community supported website offers visitors a free profile and journal page to record their experiences in the Float Tank.

  • Float Conference – The website for the world’s largest conference on floatation therapy, held in Portland, Oregon. They have an archive of the presentations given by leading researchers and enthusiasts in the float tank community.

Scholarly Articles

Float Tank Solutions, another website created by a group of enthusiastic floaters, has compiled an extensive list of scholarly articles related to float tanks and floatation therapy. They have made the list available both online, or as a free downloadable spreadsheet. We have found this list to be quite thorough and useful for those interested in examining the research behind the benefits, and recommend this list for anyone interested in the more scientific aspects of floatation therapy.

The list and link to download can be found here: Float Tank Solutions Scientific Research List.