I love floating, but sometimes I wonder, “Do I love floating FOR the float, or do I love floating for the feeling after the float?”.

Similar to meditation, it’s not during my practice where I seem to find the most joy in sitting, but in that special "twilight” immediately following, when the gears have yet to reengage, but my eyes are open, drifting in the slack-tide between worlds.

The post-float glow is real. The “golden hour(s)” after a float are magical, and can be a wonderful time to re-experience the world; it’s not that the world has become mundane and want of color, but after 90+min. in sensory deprivation, we interact with our environment in a totally different way— recalibrated— almost for the first time.

The lounge at Weightless is an attempt to curate an environment conducive to the further expansion of your experience. We understand how important both “set” (the mindset you bring to your float) and “setting” (the environment in which your float unfolds) are to your experience, and in that understanding tailor the space to our guests.

Often, after a float, massage, or sauna, we don’t want to jump back in the car and whiz off into the busy world. We invite you to drink some water or hot tea. We always recommend flipping through our guest book, and even contributing to it, whether that’s a signature, a drawing, a poem, or a thought about your float/massage/sauna— the creative juices can really be flowing following some time in the flow-state!

Our selection of “Coloring Books for Big Kids” is great. We have some beautiful mandala coloring books that are very relaxing to fill in, as well as some unique, surreal art coloring books, and some very psychedelic-inspired coloring books. Our pencils, markers, and crayons can paint any canvas yours.

Our library has a fun selection of readings that range from health and wellness, plant medicine, and wild foraging to sci-fi, politics, poetry, and writing guides. We encourage you to sift through our book collection, AND you can even check a book out for later reading in the comfort of your own home or favorite reading spot. PLEASE tell whoever at the desk if you would like to check a book out and we’ll be happy to lend it to you.

Besides the lounge, consider coupling your float, massage or sauna with a complimenting service. A 90min float is amazing, but imagine marinating in 1,000lbs of zero-gravity Epsom salt water, then taking a hot shower, putting on a cushy bathrobe, and getting a 90min. massage, then getting up from that, putting a cushy bathrobe on then sitting in the toasty goodness of a 40min infrared sauna session.

Upstairs, at Weightless, is The Inner Warrior yoga and meditation studio. It’s wonderful to flow from a yoga or meditation class into a float, massage, or sauna, or vice versa!

Besides things to do at Weightless, we’re conveniently located in the heart of the city, and there are so many options for nature, food, or entertainment within minutes of walking out our doors. The sensation of the wind on your skin as the trees rustle overhead and the smells of the forest waft into you nose are enchanting.; the explosions of flavor from a local restaurant’s famous dish ‘POP’ in a way you don’t quite recall; the new art installation downtown is so moving you buy a piece for your living room right then and there! Check out our page NEW IN TOWN for lots of local favorites including Cave Hill and Cherokee Park, the Mayan Cafe, Gravely Brewing Co., the Speed Art Museum, Climb NuLu and the Big 4 Pedestrian Bridge.

However you choose to enjoy the post-float glow is up to you. Thanks for floating with us!! Much love. Float ON!