You may have heard the news— WE’RE EXPANDING!!


| 5PM-11PM M-F, 9AM-11PM SAT SUN |

After almost FOUR years and almost 11,000 floats serviced to our community, our floaty family is expanding to two more float tanks!!

Our new float tanks are going to be "YUGE!”.


The ProFloat Cabins are some of the best and most spacious tanks in the industry!

The interior boasts a lengthy 8+ feet long, 4 1/2 feet wide, and 6 1/2 feet tall in standing room!

The doors to the float cabin are wide, easy to step into, and don’t close “on top of you”.

We are so happy to be able to accommodate both more floaters at once in our space, as well as guests who would like a bit more room in their float.

Weightless Float Tank Sensory Deprivation Louisville, Kentucky
Weightless Float Tank Sensory Deprivation Louisville, Kentucky


Today (November 5th) we received our electrical inspection, which was the last inspection needed (we already got our framing and plumbing inspections OKd!) so now it’s on to drywall, followed by the finer details like plumbing fixtures, light fixtures, and paint and finishing trim.

We hope to be back to our normal business hours (9am-11pm) on the Weekdays very soon, and we hope to have our two new float tanks filled with water by early December!!

Follow our progress on Instagram as we post daily updates via our Story.

Thank you so much for your continued support and understanding during this time of transition!!

We wont let our salty community down!

Much love,

Greg and Chelsea and the Weightless Staff