If you are familiar with flotation therapy, then you are most likely aware of the benefits of what floating can do for the body and mind. The deeper we dive into the science behind what’s happening to a person inside the float tank, the more we realize its' incredibly wide reaching potential for therapy, recovery, and overall optimization.

Some reasons people float are for sports recovery, anxiety reduction, PTSD treatment, pain management, meditation, sleep, creativity, positive affirmations, spiritual quests, and more.

Here are some ways that we like to float at Weightless Float Center in Louisville, Kentucky:

As an energetic morning person, I find a lot of benefit from a morning float. It helps me focus and keeps my energy levels in control so that I don’t open up too many tabs on the mental web browser and wind up getting not as much accomplished as I had wanted to. My morning floats are often my most meditative. I come out of the float feeling quiet, calm, and focused.

On that same line of thought, I also appreciate going from a good workout to a late morning float. The workout leaves my mind aware and alert, perfect for meditation, while my physical body benefits from the Epsom salts detoxing any lactic acid buildup and restoring my muscles. I personally feel my recovery time is far less when I workout and then float immediately afterwards.

Sometimes… I’ll have a crazy-long weekend and a later night(s) than normal and there is nothing like completely checking out in the tank, mid day, while I replenish some of my much needed sleep reserves.

Our neighbors above us, The Inner Warrior, has some great classes in the morning, afternoon, and evening, and there is something special about flowing directly from a yoga class into a float or vice versa. As a reminder, you are always welcome to stretch out in our studio space at the end of the hall at Weightless.

Do you hit a standstill mid day at your work? Try popping out of the office for a moment, floating, and heading back to work. We have many people who do this and they say it’s one of the best ways to stay focused and alert while on the job.

Once the work day is over, however, there’s something realllly nice about kicking off the shoes, taking a shower and relaxing back into a 90min decompression. Dinner and a glass of wine always taste extra nice after a float.

The later evening floats are always wonderful. I easily drift off to sleep, and surf the wave between thinking and dreaming. I like to bring some comfortable clothes with me for afterwards so I can go from the float tank to the shower to the lounge to bed.

There’s other ways to “stack” your floats with things both before and/or after your time in the tank.

What’s your float preference?

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