It’s been a few months now since The Inner Warrior completed their demolition and reconstruction of Suite 250 (directly above WeightlessKY) at Distillery Commons and we are more thrilled than ever to have this amazing group of people sharing space with us.

The Inner Warrior is a yoga studio and boutique featuring eco-friendly and sustainably sourced yoga & active lifestyle apparel and books, and boasts an impressive list of yoga and meditation classes (between 2-5 classes per day) that are ALL DONATION BASED!!

The dynamic mother-daughter duo consists of Sabine (mother) and Gabriella (daughter) Gaona, two Louisville locals who have made a strong impact on the yoga community of Kentuckiana when they opened their first, modest store-front on Frankfort Ave. (across from the Silver Dollar) in 2014 where they sold clothes, books, and local artists’ works as well as held 2 weekly yoga classes followed by meditation.

Besides their physical location, now at Distillery Commons, the Inner Warrior also holds a bi-annual yoga festival at Terrapin Hill Farm called M.Y.P.A.T.H. (Mindful Yoga Practice At Terrapin Hill). The Kentucky yoga festival is strongly attended and continues to create a reputation that precedes the festival for its commitment to core yogic principles and values, while at the same time creating a fun, loving, and strong community of people who are keen on camping, dancing, eating tasty and healthy foods, and getting to know both themselves and their community better. The next MYPATH festival is THIS COMING WEEKEND— are you able to make it?!

No worries if this MYPATH doesn’t fit your schedule— there’s always the spring!

So please welcome the Inner Warrior into your awareness and into your hearts. If you have been thinking about starting yoga then this is your best opportunity. Their classes range from Beginner to Intermediate to Advanced, and include yoga classes for hatha, vinyasa, kundalini, yoga nidra, kaleidoscope yoga, hula hoop yoga, and meditation. If you have been thinking about deepening your practice, finding a new studio/teachers or branching out, or been wanting for a deeper connection to the people practicing in your community then THIS IS YOUR PLACE!

Stop in to their store/studio before or after a float, sauna, or massage at Weightless and tell them you’re coming from downstairs to check out what’s UP!

It feels like home.

Peace, Love, and Salt.


Greg Ellis