There's a big buzz about Industrial Hemp in KY, and there has been for years, in fact, it's part of our State's hertitage-- we were, at one time, the largest producers of hemp in the country (and we will be back with the same superlative soon enough!).

Secular Talks' Kyle Kalinksi gives a quick little breakdown of things with his normal dry humor.  

You may find some other interesting topics amidst his videos on his YouTube page.

I still do not support Mitch McConnell's views on the majority of issues, and even in this Hemp SB I believe that this is because we, as a State, are beyond broke, and have been funneling money away from public programs and and poor people for YEARS.  Lets hope this does some good for the most of our state and not the small handful of rich people who have opposed and enforced these draconian laws around an incredibly beneficial plant for decades.