up level your fridge with the most woke- AF magnet game EVER!

**WARNING! This post contains sarcasm thicker than the coldest sorghum you ever done chugged, so take it with a grain of salt, mmmmk?****


They're IN! They're IN! We're pretty hyped to have Visionary Magnets in the reception area + lounge for all our guests to activate the heady mystic flower energy portals that are yearning to spiral into control like a good habit! 

This set of 444 Magnetized Words is absolutely dripping with the ooey gooey diarrhea of new age bull shit and we can't help but shovel it all over the thin skinned steel exoskeleton of our refrigerators like Rhoto into the 3rd Eye of a the most angst-er indigo children.

Want to bring a set of Visionary Magnets home with you? You're in LUCK! or Blessed! Or the Karmic light has shown down upon your radiant crown chakra...however you want to skin the cat... YOU CAN BUY THEM HERE AT WEIGHTLESS!  

Heady-ify your own kitchen appliances and show us what you got.

#getshwifty, y'all.