Greg and Chelsea at Bar Veti

From Greg and Chelsea:


We want to give a HUGE thanks to everyone that comes through the doors at Weightless. We try to make the best possible experience for all of our guests; from the services we offer to the environmentally friendly products and practices we provide, to the team we have that makes all of it happen.  We are eternally grateful.  Peace, friends!

Our Team

If you’ve been to Weightless then you know that each member on our float staff are ROCKSTARS (Ben actually is!)!

Weightless is grateful to have these three awesome people working with us. Each one of them is incredibly kind, generous, smart, and super talented! All are artists in their own mediums, and all have much to share with the world. Get to know the float fam next time you’re in!!

Weightless Manager, Mary Ann Lentzjpg

mary ann lentz | manager

I love helping others become the best version of themselves through wellness - healthfully, spiritually, & mentally. Outside of Weightless, I help others reach their health & fitness goals as a certified holistic nutrition consultant and work for a non-profit educating the public on their food choices. Any free time I have, I enjoy tending to my plants, reading, working out, and playing with my adorable puppy!

I love floating because it ties in with the wellness aspect I just mentioned. So many of us know to be healthy, we need to eat right and exercise but we forget the mental aspect. Floating can be one piece in good mental health - I find the more I do it, the better I am at thinking through difficult situations rather than feeding into my emotions, coping with stressors throughout the week better, and find myself focusing on the positives of the day rather than the negatives!


ben short

I’m a musician and composer, fronting the popular Louisville band In Lightning, and also a key member of bands Jack Holiday & The Westerners, and Beats The Heart. I’m known for being a bass guitarist, and enthusiastic performer. 
I’m also a yoga instructor, and proud contributor to Louisville’s health and fitness mindset. I’ve been teaching yoga classes at multiple places around Louisville as my primary employment for over four years.

My favorite thing about floating is that it's a wonderful and different self-care option - good for the body, good for the mind.  If you're not getting a massage or floating at least occasionally, what are you even doing with your life? 


Alex gardner

I'm a jack of all trades, semi-professional traveler, and long time floating evangelist. Louisville is home but I've spent extended time periods traveling across the United States and Central America, couch surfing in cities and planting trees in rain forests. Naming my favorite writer is the most difficult question I've ever had to answer, but if I had to give just one name it would be: Frank Herbert, Kurt Vonnegut, and Freddy Nietzsche.

I met Greg and Chelsea through our shared appreciation of floating and have been lingering around them ever since. I try to tell people that float tanks are powerful tools, good for almost anything, and spaces where you can do everything or nothing. The only wellness activity I like more than floating is sitting in the sauna!



AKA SpaNado aka Jebbidiah Long Hairs AKA NayNay AKA Juice AKA Jeb Dean…. and he is our CEO, maitre'd, and resident floor mat. 

He will greet you at your car, walk you safely to the door and promptly await his tip which is you petting his head and telling him how handsome and kind he is. 

He wants you to be suuuper chill.