Our Team

If you’ve been to Weightless then you know that each member on our staff are ROCKSTARS (Ben actually is!)!

Weightless is grateful to have these three awesome people working with us. Each one of them is incredibly kind, generous, smart, and super talented! All are artists in their own mediums, and all have much to share with the world. Get to know the float fam next time you’re in!!

Gabi Fischer

Gabi fisher

I enjoy making art in my free time, making music, finding new things to read, baking goodies and hiking with my sweet pup 

Things I love about floating - 
Floating is like a drink of water for my mind, refreshing my perspective and helping me feel relaxed and concentrated and ready to conquer what lies ahead in the day. If I’m ever in an artistic rut, getting in the tank always helps me see things differently and create new things! Along with floating for the mental benefits, I also enjoy the physical benefits, helping my body unwind and decompress from the stress of being on the go constantly. 

Ben Short, mypath

Ben short

I’m a musician and composer, fronting the popular Louisville band In Lightning, and also a key member of bands Jack Holiday & The Westerners, and Beats The Heart. I’m known for being a bass guitarist, and enthusiastic performer. 
I’m also a yoga instructor, and proud contributor to Louisville’s health and fitness mindset. I’ve been teaching yoga classes at multiple places around Louisville as my primary employment for over four years.

My favorite thing about floating is that it's a wonderful and different self-care option - good for the body, good for the mind.  If you're not getting a massage or floating at least occasionally, what are you even doing with your life? 

Dusty Stradling

dustin stradling

I'm the dude behind the Hugs at @GimmeHugsDude. I have lived in Louisville for 5 years, and I feel at home. I love thinking all the time. I make tons of magic on a daily basis— making my Jewelry or my funky art.

I am so happy I have an opportunity to work at Weightless. The best part is that I can float anytime I need to which is like heaven for my mind, body and soul!