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Therapeutic Blend

Custom tailored massage blending several different modalities to provide you with relief for the problem areas but also to relax and ease away the stress.

60 minute: $95 | 75 minute: $105

90 minute: $120 | 120 minute: $150


Swedish massage is the most popular modality that offers full body and mind relaxation. The work is gentle in its approach with light to medium pressure and meant to stimulate circulation and lymphatic flow. Long, gliding strokes are applied to the muscles as well as kneading, percussion, and light stretching.

60 minute: $95 | 75 minute: $105

90 minute: $120 | 120 minute: $150

Deep Tissue

During a deep tissue massage,the objective is to sink into your muscles with the intention of breaking up muscle fibers that have gotten stuck, smooth out knots, lengthen muscles that have shortened, and increase circulation to the deeper layers of tissue.

Contrary to popular misconception, deep tissue massage should not hurt. Your deep tissue massage may feel intense at times. If you're ever feeling pain, you should let Arielle know immediately and she will adjust the pressure to your comfort.

60 minute: $95 | 75 minute: $105

90 minute: $120 | 120 minute: $150

Myofascial Release Therapy

Myofascial release therapy is designed to release tension through your fascia, which is a broad connective tissue. The fascia encases all of your muscles, bones, and organs; somewhat like shrink-wrap. When the fascia is pulled too tight in one area, possibly originating from compensation for an old injury, the rest of the connective tissue starts to get drawn upon. This causes the entire body to be thrown out of whack and leave you feeling unbalanced.

Myofascial release feels like a very deep stretch because the therapist is lengthening that tissue that has been immobilized and shortened over the years.

A very common sentiment after a myofascial session is "I feel like I'm two inches taller!"

60 minute: $95 | 75 minute: $105

90 minute: $120 | 120 minute: $150

TMJD Massage

Do you suffer from Temporomandibular Joint Dysfuncion (TMJD)? If so, there has been extensive research done that shows manual therapy to the muscles of the face, jaw, head, neck, shoulders and inside the mouth can be hugely beneficial to alleviating pain and discomfort associated with this syndrome.

The largest muscle treated in these sessions is the masseter, which is your primary chewing muscle. It is also the strongest muscle in the entire body! It is incredibly common to find trigger points in this muscle, and when aggravated it can cause several other issues such as:

Tension headaches and migraines
Tinnitus (ringing in ears) or dizziness Bruxism, or grinding and cracking of molars Severe or mild loss of TMJ function

Arielle has been trained to perform intra-oral work, which is incredibly effective at releasing locked jaws. She uses latex-free gloves while working. If you have any concerns with the material used in the gloves or questions in general, be sure to contact her prior to booking your session.

60 minute: $95 | 75 minute: $105

90 minute: $120 | 120 minute: $150


Prenatal massage is very similar to regular massage in that its purpose is to ease sore muscles, improve circulation and lymph flow, and to restore and balance your body during this time of extra physical and emotional stress. This type of work focuses on the areas put under extra stress during pregnancy due to the center of gravity being altered. A pregnant body is continuously morphing and adjusting, and a trained therapist will know how to cater to a growing mother and child.

How does prenatal massage differ from a regular massage? Due to the delicate nature of a growing baby, it is important that you lay on your side during treatment. You will be propped with pillows so that you are supported and comfortable. After treatment to one side of the body, your therapist will help you turn to work on the other side.

Your safety is important. If you've you've experienced complications during any of your pregnancies, please consult your physician or midwife.

60 minute: $95 | 75 minute: $105

90 minute: $120 | 120 minute: $150

Hot Stone Therapy

Hot stone massage is quite possibly one of the most relaxing massages offered due to the heat reaching deep layers of the muscles. Using large heated balsam stones, the therapist performs what is similar to a Swedish massage to warm and relax the muscles. Some stones are placed on key points to sedate and comfort the mind and body. The goal is to promote circulation and metabolism all while deeply relaxing tight and sore tissues.

every licensed massage therapist is trained to heat the stones to just the right temperature, however, if you should experience discomfort with the level of heat, please notify your therapist.

60 minute: $105 | 75 minute: $110

90 minute: $130 | 120 minute: $160

Sports Massage

Sports massage is a blend of various techniques designed to aid the athlete. Whether you're a competitive body builder, a marathon runner, or only just recently joined a gym, massage is a must. Sports massage can help enhance performance, improve posture and gait, and reduce the risk of injury. Massage can also help reduce soreness in muscles and increase mobility in stiff or previously injured joints. Sports massage can help you reach your athletic goals, no matter how big or how small they may be.

60 minute: $95 | 75 minute: $105

90 minute: $120 | 120 minute: $150